We have reached the end of April and with it, I need to start making some decisions.

Am I really serious about the Spartan Race, another triathlon, a distance run?

The next Spartan Race in West Virginia takes place the last weekend in August. The Charleston Distance Race, a 15-mile run, is the first week in September. The Stonewall Jackson Triathlon is August 18.

I could do all three, one or none, I guess.

In the last couple of weeks, since my visit to the doctor, I have shaved off a few pounds –about 10. I’ve made it to the gym three times in the past week. This is coming off a pretty ugly cold, which probably helped with the weight loss as much as anything.

I also have a new fitness/self-help book to drive myself crazy with and maybe I just want to do something.

Last year, one of my hardest moments was coming to grips with not getting to be in the Spartan Race. I’d screwed around on my training, been on again off again for months and had been letting my feelings decide my meal for the evening.

I was a mess and then I busted a gut, literally.

I felt humiliated, but also a little revealed. As little as I’d accomplished with my training, I probably would have crashed on the course. I’d have drowned in a puddle or been trampled by much worthier participants.

Getting injured was a convenient excuse, except I only barely earned that injury.

The good side of getting hurt was that it led to my blood pressure problem being diagnosed. I sleep better because of the meds I’m certain and I’m not filled with rage, which was kind of how things felt a year ago.

Of the three, the Charleston Distance Run would be the easiest to work toward. It’s just down the road, doesn’t require any equipment and could be managed with consistent, but uncomplicated training.

Running a triathlon requires cycling and swim training. I’d need to break out my old bike and also find a better one. The bike I have is a clunky beast designed for someone to use for a very occasional trip around a flat park. The Stonewall Jackson triathlon would include swimming in a lake. That’s a different kind of swim training than laps in a pool.

A Spartan Race is an obstacle course race, which requires a different kind of plan than either long distance running or a triathlon. You use different muscles. It’s an endurance race, but you’re not really training for distance. Even if the race is a 15 mile beast run, you’ll never run more than a mile or so before you have to climb something or haul weights somewhere.

I have a lot to think about –or maybe I’ve been thinking long enough and just need to do something.

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